Setting up for DataJoint

Author: Edgar Y. Walker

Updated: 2017-06-05

In this tutorial, we will cover how to set up a DataJoint Python or MATLAB development environment suitable for following the other tutorials and to explore DataJoint in general. A functional DataJoint development setup consists of two parts - a database server for hosting data pipelines and a Python or MATLAB environment with DataJoint library installed. Naturally, our objectives for this tutorial are as follows:

System requirements


To complete this tutorial as well as others, you would need a computer with an Internet connection running MacOS, Windows or Linux operating system with either Python 3 or MATLAB already installed, depending on your language preference. DataJoint for Python requires Python 3.4 or above with pip already configured (for help on setting up a Python development environment, you can find great resources online including this). DataJoint for MATLAB requires MATLAB verion 2015b or later.

What’s next?

Ready to move on? Let’s get started by Getting connected to a database!